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Meru Networks wireless solutions from certified engineers at one of the nation’s leading wireless security integrators, and Meru Networks Platinum partner.

Meru’s innovative approach to wireless networking is based on open, agile and intelligent solutions. Support for open or standards connectivity makes it easier to choose “best-of-breed” products to mix and match wired and wireless networks. Our agile architecture provides wireless LAN solutions that are fast, flexible and support business automation. Meru solutions provide intelligence at each layer of the wireless network, from access to applications.
Over 14,000 customers, across 56 countries profit from deploying Meru high-performance Wi-Fi solutions. Our solutions are leveraged across all industries with a strong focus on 3 primary verticals: Education, Healthcare and Hospitality.

  • Enterprise wireless
  • Patented seamless roaming, single-channel and virtualized deployment options
  • Controller-based and cloud-managed options
  • Access points, controllers
  • Wireless management and monitoring
  • Services
  • Explore the product portfolio below

Intelligent Wi-Fi. Uninterrupted Experience
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Solutions > Education

Easy-to-deploy, simple-to-manage campus Wi-Fi

Primary school to higher education, Meru helps schools transform teaching and learning with a 21st century WLAN.

Higher Education

For schools that need to provide pervasive Wi-Fi connectivity to support the flood of Wi-Fi devices from BYOD, Meru provides the WLAN equipment and management software you need for classroom and campus coverage, secure guest access, and multimedia support for video and audio learning applications.

Student benefits

  • Connectivity – 24x7x365 for students and devices – No Excuses
  • Mobility - Seamless device mobility across entire campus
  • Applications - VoIP, video & Multimedia

IT benefits

  • Simplicity – Deployment, monitoring and management
  • Fast on boarding - of new students and their devices during freshmen move in, and throughout the year
  • Density - 500 devices in close proximity

K-12/Primary School

Mobile devices are the pencil, paper, and textbooks for students today. When hundreds of students with tablets, netbooks, and laptops hit your school’s wireless network at the same time, online learning can come to a stop. Is your school ready to onboard hundreds of mobile devices at the same time? Will students have to wait, idle and disengaged, while your IT staff troubleshoots connectivity problems? What happens if poor Wi-Fi prevents some students from taking exams online?

When technology gets in the way, learning is interrupted

With a wireless LAN from Meru, your network isn’t the problem—it’s the solution. Whether you favor 1:1 computing or BYOD, blended learning, or flipped classrooms, Meru Wi-Fi ensures fair and reliable access to educational materials, applications, and online resources. You can onboard any user on any device quickly, easily, and securely, even when students bring their own devices and the whole school connects at once. You can deliver smooth, continuous connectivity to students and teachers whether they’re sitting in class, walking to the library, or packing an auditorium for the school play.

Digital learning works when the Wi-Fi works. Give your students access to uninterrupted learning with:

Meru Education-Grade (MEG) Wi-Fi.