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Meru Networks wireless solutions from certified engineers at one of the nation’s leading wireless security integrators, and Meru Networks Platinum partner.

Meru’s innovative approach to wireless networking is based on open, agile and intelligent solutions. Support for open or standards connectivity makes it easier to choose “best-of-breed” products to mix and match wired and wireless networks. Our agile architecture provides wireless LAN solutions that are fast, flexible and support business automation. Meru solutions provide intelligence at each layer of the wireless network, from access to applications.
Over 14,000 customers, across 56 countries profit from deploying Meru high-performance Wi-Fi solutions. Our solutions are leveraged across all industries with a strong focus on 3 primary verticals: Education, Healthcare and Hospitality.

  • Enterprise wireless
  • Patented seamless roaming, single-channel and virtualized deployment options
  • Controller-based and cloud-managed options
  • Access points, controllers
  • Wireless management and monitoring
  • Services
  • Explore the product portfolio below

Intelligent Wi-Fi. Uninterrupted Experience
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Improve patient safety and clinical productivity with intelligent Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi adoption becomes mission critical

In the last decade, hospitals have made significant investments in wireless technologies to improve:

  • Patient Safety by deploying connected medical devices such as smart IV pumps, smart beds, and telemetry that alert clinicians to intervene in a timely fashion.
  • Clinicians’ Productivity by providing care coordination systems such as Wi-Fi phones integrated with nurse call systems, EHR access from computers on wheels, etc.
  • Patient Satisfaction by providing Internet access to patients and visitors so that they can connect with friends and family and receive support from them.

But the promise of these improvements remains unfulfilled without a suitable Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Not all Wi-Fi is designed for critical-care

Hospital Wi-Fi ecosystems comprise life-critical, mission-critical, and consumer-critical applications with each having different requirements from wireless. Wi-Fi is a shared medium and in a conventional microcell-based network the applications compete for the same resources and interfere with each other. Microcell-based Wi-Fi networks have other significant limitations, especially in highly mobile environments that make it challenging to deliver high reliability in hospital environments.

Hospitals compensate for such limitations with workarounds, such as relying on wired connectivity for Life Critical devices or overhead paging despite deploying Wi-Fi phones, or asking nurses to stop walking when they get a voice call. Such workarounds create patient safety risks, slow down clinicians, and ultimately make patients unhappy.

The Meru Uninterrupted Care Network

With the specific needs of hospitals in mind, Meru developed the Uninterrupted Care Network (UCN). UCN enables hospitals to create separate, dedicated channels for life-critical, mission-critical, and consumer-critical applications, utilizing unique RF Channel Layering technology. UCN empowers hospitals to:

  • Improve patient safety and quality of care by isolating life-critical applications from all other wireless traffic
  • Increase clinician efficiency by providing reliable, pervasive Wi-Fi coverage for mission-critical applications and by enabling physicians to use the mobility platform of their choice (BYOD) in the hospital, clinic, or home
  • Improve patient satisfaction by allowing patients to stay connected with family and friends and to stream music and videos