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Bradford Networks Announces Availability of the Network Sentry 8.1 Release

Our partner, Bradford Networks, features Carolina Advanced Digital and our client Pike Electric in their recent press release. You can read the full press release here.

Significant Enhancements to Security Automation and Orchestration Platform bridge the gap between the SOC & NOC

February 14, 2016 – Boston, MA – Bradford Networks, an innovator in network security automation and orchestration leveraging endpoint visibility, control and response, announces availability of Network Sentry 8.1. This release features major advances in the platform’s ability to integrate with third party security solutions, through “build your own” security device integrations that allow Network Sentry to support any third party security solution — including standardized interfaces for vulnerability scanner integrations.  In addition, this release includes over 15 major core product enhancements increasing the depth of visibility into all endpoints including the Internet of Things (IoT), global control of large scale deployments from a centralized single pane of glass, a pre-deployment policy simulation tool, streamlined vendor agnostic wireless management, business criticality reporting of security events, and a new SOC dashboard.

“Bradford Networks is a customer-driven organization and the new security features are directly correlated to the needs of the market,” said Everett Andrus, chief customer officer at Bradford Networks. “From the start, our philosophy for development of the Network Sentry platform was to enable customers to have a flexible and comprehensive network security solution that was highly scalable and always poised for future needs like virtualization, BYOD, and now the management and securing of IoT devices. This new release continues Bradford Networks’ mission to empower our customers with security solution that keeps pace with their network evolution.”

“In our highly regulated industry, network security is not only critical from a vulnerability exposure perspective, but also from a regulatory standpoint,” said Michael Seymour, vice president of information technology of Pike Electric. “As one of the world’s largest energy solutions providers, the new release of Network Sentry will provide an enhanced security posture across our locations with singular control of each and every endpoint, regardless of location, allow us to control access and permissions, and automate our ability to respond to threats.”

“We are delighted with the new 8.1 release as a trusted partner of Bradford Networks,” said Jennifer Minella, vice president of engineering of Carolina Advanced Digital. “As a leader in technology infrastructure and security solutions, customers look to us for solutions that can really move the needle on security posture, and these enhancements ensure clients like Pike Electric benefit from even greater efficiency, visibility, and responsiveness to the ever-evolving threat landscape.”

Network Sentry 8.1 includes key new benefits for customers in the area of endpoint visibility and the automation of network access control and threat response. Enhanced endpoint visibility details who, what, where and when users are connecting or have connected to your network. Comprehensive control features inherent in the platform empower customers to orchestrate security procedures to automate threat response by leveraging the new security device integration feature with third party security solutions.  A notable feature includes built-in integration with Tenable’s vulnerability assessment and management solution.