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Why you want Aruba’s NetEdit tool for managing switches

With the new Aruba CX switches came a nifty tool that doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it deserves (yet). We think when you see this tool, you’ll fall in love just like we did.

NetEdit has all the usual network management tidbits you’ve come to know and expect, but it also has a few specialized features. We’re going to tell you about one below.

NetEdit features

  • Intelligent, error-free configuration with validation for consistency and compliance
  • Simultaneous viewing and editing of multiple devices
  • Customized validation tests for corporate compliance and network design
  • Automated, large-scale configuration deployment without programming
  • Advanced analytics and troubleshooting for faster issue resolution
  • CLI-like interface with predictive assistance for complete operational simplicity- no new skills required

NetEdit lets network admins orchestrate the configuration of multiple switches with automation and analytics. Translated to the real-world, it means our deployments and configurations will be more consistent, in line with corporate policies, and (hopefully) free from the human error that’s inevitable even with scripted automation tools.

We feel NetEdit really delivers on blending an intuitive UI console with the full control of CLI.

A sample scenario

Here’s how it goes down. Let’s say we need to configure BGP and it’s not something we do every day, so we need to brush up. What do we do? We go to the manufacturer support site for documentation, or we do some creative Googling for our specific code version and type of config (e.g. BGP would fall under ‘Advanced Routing’ features for most brands). Then we flip to the BPG section, get antsy, skip reading the narrative, and skip to the contextual examples. At that point you either start hacking away at it, or you come up with a documented plan that you test in a lab, and you figure out what you need to configure on each of the switches in scope.

Either way, it’s a bit of a process and should result in some amount of testing and trial and error.

Now, instead of all that, imagine that config guide is embedded dynamically in to the network management console. It walks you through a masterfully-designed UI wizard, but with the actual CLI, you see it (color-coded for your enjoyment) overlaid on the individual switches with their full custom, variable-driven configs, ready to roll. You click a button, you validate what the system created based on your inputs along the way and BAM! Donesies!

Congratulations, you may actually eat lunch today.

How to try it

Yeah, we thought you’d like that. If you’re using Aruba CX switches you get 25 nodes free to play with NetEdit. If you’re looking for more just ask for a current proposal and quote for the right version and skus. The only downside? It only works with Aruba CX switches. But we’re sure your account manager can work out a great upgrade deal.

You can also schedule a free 30 minute demo with one of our engineers to see more and get your questions answered. Contact us or reach out to your account manager to schedule.

Or, get started with this 15-minute video showcasing some Tips and Tricks with NetEdit 2.x.