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Company Update: Project Bluebonnet Yields Better Customer Experience

Throughout the past several months, the teams here at Carolina Advanced Digital have been working on a large migration and integration project that is now in its final stages. Led by an internal Task Force, Project Bluebonnet brought together several disparate systems and platforms in the corporate environment and put them under one canopy.

The project integrated systems to increase collaboration among teams and access to data across different departments including Sales, Engineering and Marketing. The results yielded immediate improvements for our clients, including streamlined handling of pre-sales requests, more robust ordering options, enhanced tracking of services and support, faster turnaround time for documentation and faster response times overall. In addition the platform automatically collects feedback on client experience during each interaction, allowing us to adjust dynamically to meet client needs and preferences.

Upgrades made as part of Project Bluebonnet increase the quality of customer experience at each and every interaction a client has with Carolina Advanced Digital, from quote requests to full Pro Services project fulfillment.

The project took nine months to complete and it integrated data and functions from seven different management systems. The effort has certainly paid off. “Our customers and partners have already noticed a huge difference,” said Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering, a member of the Project Bluebonnet Task Force. “Their requests are being handled more quickly, and with more accuracy, which was a primary goal of the project.” The Project Bluebonnet applications will also tie directly to our new e-commerce platform, being rolled out in Q1 2015 to Beta testing customers. The increased integration, visibility, reporting and collaboration will enables customers of Carolina Advanced Digital to work efficiently and accurately while meeting the demands of managing complex IT and security departments and projects.

For customers interested in participating in the Beta testing for e-commerce and order management online, please contact Julie Allen, Inside Sales Manager at

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