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7signal Wi-Fi performance solutions for wireless QoS, wireless monitoring and bandwidth control from one of the nation’s leading wireless integrators.

With the growth of commercial and personal wireless devices, Wi-Fi network performance management has reached a tipping point in terms of its importance to the operational efficiency of many organizations. Whether it be in the warehouse, coffee shop, hospital or classroom, Wi-Fi is widely seen as a mission critical asset because of how it enables customers and professionals to better collaborate, communicate and remain productive.

Waiting for complaints and chasing down issues is not the answer. The need for proactive Wi-Fi performance management and assurance is clear and we have the solution. Unlike other WLAN monitoring systems that measure performance from the central controller out to the clients, our solution is designed from the outside-in, with the end-user experience at the center. Our Wi-Fi sensors perform continuous user experience testing that simulates real-world WLAN network usage.

When service level targets you set for user experience metrics such as throughput, latency and jitter begin to slip out of compliance, proactive notifications alert you before people ever notice or complain. This boosts everyone’s productivity, saving both time and money.

  • Wireless performance management
  • Wireless QoS and monitoring

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