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Why Choose Us?

We have certified engineering expertise in all the solutions we offer, including network planning and integration, backup & disaster recovery, security, archiving and compliance.

There are many benefits to working with an engineering-focused partner such as Carolina Advanced Digital.

Qualified Presales Support & Design
Our extensive expertise allows us to provide engineering-level pre-sales support and project planning and design to help you evaluate needs and specify a solution that offers the best results and the best pricing for you.

Special Offers and Promos
Because we focus our attention on a few best of breed solutions, we stay tightly integrated with our partners and are always aware of specials and promotions you may be eligible for. This lets us offer the absolute best pricing and solutions other large e-tailers won’t be aware of (or eligible for). But it gets better; in most cases, we even complete all the paperwork on your behalf for promotions and rebates from the manufacturer.

Best Pricing
The certifications we maintain afford us the best pricing level with our partners. Even though we’re a small company, our engineering expertise allows us to win your business with best pricing and certified services.

Free Training & Events
This is a simple concept. All our customers are invited to attend free technology trainings, IT events and are offered discounts for paid certification trainings. Whether you renew your Sonicwall or Packeteer, or buy a few switches; you’re part of our family and welcome to join us at our Train-n-Games, Crash Courses and our infamous IT Hot Topics & Golf Tourney.

Post-Sales Support
Our goal is not to throw a box in your lap and walk away. A solution that isn’t properly implemented doesn’t work; and a solution that doesn’t work has no value – to you or to us. We’re here to make sure the solution you choose is fully implemented and working. Our network integration, security and disaster recovery customers enjoy 24×7 technical support from us at no additional cost.

Complete Solutions
Because of our business model, we’re positioned to provide complete project solutions, instead of ’selling product’. Ultimately, your software, security and hardware infrastructure are part of a homogenous system that must function as a whole. Our expertise lets us provide a complete solution to address your needs.

Customer Loyalty Program
We offer our loyal customers the enjoyment of deeper discounts, free hands-on training opportunities, hardware seed units and more.

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