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The company principals have more than 75 years of combined professional Information Technology industry experience to refine the company offerings to a comparatively narrow spectrum. We have also used our experiences to develop methods and highly-detailed procedures that are employed in every phase of our professional service operations–discovery, planning, statement of work, solution design, implementation, maintenance and managed services–resulting in a fully successful implementation the first time.

Principals and Directors

John Jabbusch

President, Founder, CEO



Susan Jabbusch

Executive Vice President, COO



Susan Jabbusch is Executive vice president of Carolina Advanced Digital. Susan has served in many roles of technology throughout her career, starting with her service in training operations of the U.S. Navy’s Naval Intelligence Processing groups. With a start in engineering, she was one of the first women worldwide certified in wireless LAN technologies, and over the years has transitioned to more strategic roles while leveraging her extensive knowledge of networking and system protection.

In her current role, Susan leads operational and business development projects within the organization, and recent successes include a major 18-month migration to new integrated platforms for digital management and automation as well as the efforts resulting in a successful award as a prime reseller on the prestigious NASA SEWP V federal GWAC (government-wide acquisition contract).

Susan works with husband, President, and company founder John Jabbusch to further drive strategic partnerships and programs for the organization through business development, vendor management strategies, and strategic partnerships.

Jennifer Minella

Vice President of Engineering



Jennifer Minella is currently VP of Engineering and Security with Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. With more than 25 years’ experience working in the technology industry, Jennifer’s technical background covers specialized areas of infrastructure security, access control, wireless technologies, and industrial security. Most recently, Ms. Minella has been involved in executive management of the organization, leading operations in engineering, security, business development and communications.

In her engineering role, Jennifer leads strategic research and consulting for government agencies, educational institutions and Fortune 100 and 500 corporations. In addition to her normal business roles, Ms. Minella is a published author, editorial contributor, and trusted adviser for information security topics to media. Her latest work includes the integration of mindfulness techniques and the application of proven leadership techniques for the benefit of information security professionals and industry.

Ms. Minella has served on the international Board of Directors for (ISC)2 where she participated in roles to advance strategic efforts of the 140,000-member global organization. Jennifer is also active locally, serving on steering committees with NCTA’s Cyber Security Network and Knowledge Workforce Network. Ms. Minella is a volunteer mentor with the US AFA CyberPatriot program.

Jennifer speaks regularly and national and international security conferences, including:

  • Deep Sec Conference (Vienna, Austria)
  • BruCon (Gent, Belgium)
  • Internet Summit (Raleigh, NC)
  • CITE Consumerization of IT (San Francisco, US)
  • SecTor (Toronto, ON)
  • NSA Trusted Computing Conference (Orlando. FL)
  • INTEROP (Las Vegas, NV)
  • RSA USA (San Francisco, CA)
  • Infosec World (Orlando, FL)
  • CSI Annual Conference (Washington, DC)
  • ISSA InfoSeCon (Raleigh, NC)
  • Techno Security Keynote (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  • Various Gov cons (NCET, NCLGISA, SCITDA, InfraGard)

Julie Allen

Director of Sales Operations


Julie Allen manages the sales team, directs sales marketing efforts, manages key client accounts and contracts, and oversees the processes and procedures around all sales functions.

Joe Caiola

Director of Service Delivery


Joe Caiola manages the engineering team, including engineering-assisted sales strategy as well as professional services delivery and ensures client success.

John’s Manifesto

We have certified engineering expertise in all solutions we offer. While we have knowledge and experience specific to a number of specialized markets such as federal agencies, state and local governments, education and corporate enterprise, any customer with a requirement for high performance, high reliability and high security IT environments will benefit from the level of service and support provided by Carolina Advanced Digital.

Many years of experience have taught us to focus on our core competencies in our professional services offerings, and to select those products which we know from practical application function best in support of those services in achieving the mission statement of any solution or project.

The company principals have employed over 75 years of combined professional Information Technology industry experience to refine the company offerings to a comparatively narrow spectrum. We have also used our experiences to develop methods and highly detailed procedures that are employed in every phase of our professional service operations: discovery, planning, statement of work, design, implementation, maintenance and managed services.

This results in a fully successful implementation the first time. It really comes down to expert planning for the solution — its architecture, implementation and management. It is simple conceptually, but requires substantial technical expertise and experienced application to produce the desired result.

In producing a solution for our customers, we consider many things but those with the greatest weight are:

Efficacy: The solution must, above all else, achieve the desired result; the required mission must be accomplished at the expense of any other consideration.

: The solution must befit the customer’s budget; we include in this consideration the initial cost, maintenance cost, professional services cost, and ongoing management cost. In other words, the Total Cost of Ownership, which, though often cited as a concern, is rarely actually estimated and included in either proposals or truly considered in RFP selection. We develop only solutions that are affordable to the extent that the efficacy of the stated mission requirement is not compromised.

: The solution must consist of practically feasible tasks given any limitations or requirements imposed by the customer, schedules, price and performance, geography, product availability, accessibility and similar considerations.

: Solutions, whether hardware, software or services, must deliver good performance and reliability as a minimum: Superior performance is the norm for our solutions to the extent that it does not collide with Efficacy and Affordability.

Warranty: Applicable primarily to our hardware offerings, and to the extent that it does not adversely impact the top three considerations, we opt for the solution having the best manufacturer warranty.

Usability: More accurately stated as “ease of use”, this encompasses a variety of subordinate considerations such as the skill level requirement to use and manage a solution, the availability of training to attain the needed skills and the man hour requirement for normal operations as well as ancillary products or services.

Sustainability: Obsolescence prevention is always a challenge in our industry, but, to the extent possible, we will help you choose solutions that will remain useful for the maximum period foreseeable given the current state of the art and expected developments.

– John Jabbusch, President