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A New Era of Security: Passwordless Authentication

Attackers can easily acquire passwords which place individuals at risk and create internal challenges including IT maintenance, financial recovery and maintaining user trust; however, a new era of IT is kicking passwords to the curb and adopting a safer method of security protection.

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The Impact of 5G in Cybersecurity

Everyone wants 5G, and the hype surrounding its launch only continues to grow. Wireless providers have promised that the 5G rollout will bring faster speeds, instantaneous communication and global interconnectivity. This next generation of wireless connectivity is expected to be game-changing, not only because of what it can do, but how it may change the world as we know it – including that of cybersecurity.

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Building a Security-Centric Culture in a Digital Age

Cyber is here, there and everywhere in between. As our technology-dependent world grows, consumers and organizations alike are eager to adopt the latest innovations. Digital transformation has many people focused on IoT, SD-WAN and the cloud while the topic of security has been pushed to the back burner. We are here to bring it front and center!

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Carolina Advanced Digital Announces New Headquarters Relocation

Larger office enables company expansion to support new and existing clients and services

Raleigh, N.C. (June 19, 2019) –Carolina
Advanced Digital, a nationally-recognized leader in technology infrastructure and security solutions, announced that the company’s headquarters will relocate to a larger office building in Cary, NC to accommodate company expansion.

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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI), one of many double-edged swords in technology, is expected to incite both positive and negative impacts on people and industries worldwide. It’s constantly evolving and as technological advancements emerge, these changes are leading many people to question whether or not the benefits of AI outweigh the risks.

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Advanced Persistent Threats | Know Them & Stop Them

Advanced persistent threat (APT) attackers are the top attackers of the cyber chain. Sounds scary, right? What’s worse is that these groups can steal your organization’s data and navigate its network without ever being noticed.

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IT Hot Topics Conference Spotlight: Chuck Kesler

We recently spoke to Chuck Kesler, CISO at Pendo and a seasoned IT Hot Topics speaker. Chuck led a rockin’ breakout session at this year’s IT Hot Topics Conference! Check out our Q&A with Chuck to learn why going back to the basics and developing security policies is important to the cybersecurity industry.

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