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Tech Q&A: Will my current infrastructure support client VPNs?

VPN usage in the U.S. grew by 53% in 1 week. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are asking some variation of the question “will my infrastructure support remote access for my employees?” We asked the engineering team how they’re answering these
client questions, and here’s what they shared.

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Preparing the Talent Pipeline in Cybersecurity: Carolina Advanced Digital & the Black Falcons

Through these interactions and experiences, students can explore firsthand the topics and careers they are interested in. The Black Falcons have produced dozens of cybersecurity professionals over the years, two of which went on to work for the National Security Agency (NSA). If we want to bridge the talent gap, we must continue to support programs that are designed to encourage younger generations to pursue careers in cybersecurity and STEM-related fields. Help us get students excited about cyber!

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3 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Cybersecurity Program

69% of CEOs believe a strong cyber strategy is critical to building trust with key stakeholders, but many respondents still lack the preparation needed to handle a cyber event. One way to know if security controls are defending your organization is to conduct frequent tests. Several measures can be implemented to help an organization gauge the effectiveness of its existing security

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Iran Cyber-Response: 4 Recommendations for Defending Your Organization from Nation-State Attacks

While we offer services to review and assess firewall rules for security, if you have the resources in-house, organizations can tackle this by configuring rules to log (audit mode) temporarily and reviewing the to see which are being used. If it hasn’t already been done (and documented) further research should be done to review the in-use rules, identify the resources in play, and make sure there’s a business case documented for each policy or rule set.

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Our Best CLI Cheat Sheet: Cisco, Aruba CX, and Aruba OS Switch

This is the latest version of our favorite CLI Reference Guide showing popular platforms side-by-side for easy configuration on Cisco and Aruba. If you’ve purchased HPE Aruba Networking equipment from us (Carolina Advanced Digital), and/or if you’ve worked with our...

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