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Mist is pioneering the new wireless network. The first AI-driven WLAN makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable while delivering amazing indoor location experiences.

Mist looked at how big data and AI companies correlate massive data with performance and scale, and harnessed the same principles in the Mist Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence brings much-needed automation and insights to IT. While other vendors are trying to bolt AI on top of legacy platforms, Mist built an AI engine into the Mist platform that eliminates the need for overlay sensors, data collector hardware, and extra software.

  • Converged Wi-Fi, BLE & IoT Access Points
  • Wi-Fi Assurance
  • Wired Assurance and automated actions
  • SD-Branch
  • Wired and wireless cloud-based management
  • Location Services and User Engagement
  • Contact and proximity tracing

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