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Federal Contracts – NASA SEWP V

Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. was selected as a Prime Contractor for NASA SEWP V Contract.Category B, Group C: Small Business Set Aside

  • Contract: NNG15SD67B
  • Period of Performance: May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2025
  • IT Hardware including Servers, Laptops, Supercomputers, Etc.; Network and Telecommunications Products; Software Products including Software as a Service (SaaS); Audio Visual Products; Teleconferencingand Videoconferencing Products; Peripherals and Supplies (Peripherals and Supplies such as Printers;) Maintenance and Warranty Services; Installation; Site Planning; Product Training

Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. leverages our 30 years in business to provide the breadth and depth of IT products, solutions and services that the SEWP V customers require to maintain state of the art IT environments.

Since we are an engineering focused reseller for many of these solutions, we can provide a higher level of assurance that SEWP V Customers have a partner who can help eliminate compatibility issues.

SEWP V contracts require no additional need for competitive quotes, however, Fair Opportunity must be provided for all other contract Holders in one or more of these groups. You may select any or all groups and choose smaller subsets of any group as you choose.

• Group A – Full and Open
• Group B –SDVOSB
• Group B –HUBZone
• Group C –Small Business Set-Aside
• Group D –Full & Open

There is no requirement to obtain three quotes as long as all contract holders within a group are given an opportunity to provide a quote.

Accurate, reliable, expedient, professional, knowledgeable, experienced.


Contract: NNG15SD67B

Period of Performance: May 1, 2015 – April 30 2025

SEWP Quotes should be requested using SEWP Quote Request Tool (QRT):

SEWP Orders should be placed with:

CAD SEWP Contacts:
(919) 460-1313, ext. 308

Program Manager:

Heather Moore
(919) 460-1313, ext. 308

Deputy Program Manager:

Susan Jabbusch
(919) 460-1313, ext. 102
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