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Like Carolina Advanced Digital, the NetAlly family of network testing tools has been helping customers effectively design and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks for more than 20 years.

Whether you’ve known them as Fluke Networks, NETSCOUT, or the current name- NetAlly has been the industry leading provider of testing tools that are helping all types of organizations reduce help desk escalations by 80% or more.

An innovative portfolio of wired and wireless handheld test solutions delivering

  • Simplicity (Reduce complexity, ensure consistency)
  • Visibility (Efficient problem resolution)
  • Collaboration (Connecting front-line personnel with remote experts)

Our NetAlly offerings include

  • Wired testing and tools
  • LinkSprinter®
  • LinkRunner® AT and LinkRunner® 10G and LinkRunner® G2 smart network tester
  • EtherScope® nXG Portable Network Export for wired and Wi-Fi
  • Wireless testing and tools
  • AirCheck™ G2
  • EtherScope® nXG Portable Network Export for wired and Wi-Fi
  • AirMagnet Survey® PRO and AirMagnet® Planner
  • AirMagnet® Spectrum XT
  • AirMagnet® WiFi Analyzer Pro
  • Testing accessories, kits, antennas, iPerf testers

Did you know?
– NetAlly includes their Link-Live cloud service FREE.
– NetAlly tools help front-line technicians validate network connectivity in less than 10 seconds.
– These solutions streamline productivity with simple interfaces for technicians of varying skill level.
– Tools can be remotely controlled, allowing a junior engineer to go onsite while a senior tech is remote.
– NetAlly tools are used by technicians from small businesses up through Fortune 100, and all industries.

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