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Take-aways from “Another Women in Cybersecurity Panel”, VP of Engineering Jennifer Minella featured

Eleanor Dallaway, Editor and Publisher of Infosecurity Magazine captured our VP of Engineering’s comments in her highlight rel recap of the (ISC)2 Security Congress panel on A Snapshot of Women in Information Security. In her writeup, Eleanor captures the essence of a positive and light-hearted conversation with a few controversial twists, and she explains why she was drawn to yet “Another Women in Cybersecurity Panel”.

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Watch RSAC TV’s interview with Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering

Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering and Security, Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc., is interviewed by Paul Roberts, Editor in Chief and Founder of the Security Ledger. In this 2017 interview during the RSAC USA Conference, Paul and Jennifer discuss diversity, why the “women in  XYZ” discussion is getting old, and some of today’s security threats and trends. You can watch the short 10-minute interview here: read more

Jennifer Minella speaks at RSAC 2017 on “Expert Mobility: Managing the Wi-Fi World of Wearables, Sensors and IoT”

Thursday, February 16th at the RSA Conference USA, Carolina Advanced Digital’s VP of Engineering will be speaking on advanced and emergent wireless technologies, with a focus on those designed for supporting IoT, wearables, and sensors. “This wireless session will be different from the LAN-based Wi-Fi topics I’m usually asked to present. Some of this technology is emergent, and a lot of it is theoretical still” commented Mrs. Minella, “Attendees shouldn’t expect the traditional WLAN conversation during this talk.”

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Jennifer Minella hosts RSAC’s first “Securing Diversity: Women in Cybersecurity” event

Our own VP of Engineering, Jennifer Minella, is hosting the RSA Conference’s first ever minority-focused event. This important event is designed to highlight our industry’s workforce gap and the need for diversity, in all forms, to solve some of our industry’s toughest challenges.

February 13, from 2-5pm, Jennifer will emcee and host the inaugural event with featured speakers like Dr. Uma Gupta, Valerie Plame (Former Covert CIA Operations Officer and Author), Bobbie Stempfley (Director, Cyber Strategy Implementation, The MITRE Corporation) and Allison Miller (Product Manager, Security & Privacy, Google).

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RSAC’s Q&A Series with Jennifer Minella & Mark Nunnikhoven

The RSAC editorial team ask our VP of Engineering Jennifer Minella and professional colleague Mark Nunnikhoven of Trend Micro for the “off topic” tips and tricks for getting the most out of the RSA Conference in San Francisco. In the two-part Q&A series, the RSAC team asks a battery of random conference-goer questions. Read the article at RSAC to find out how Jennifer responded. Part 1: Part 2: Q:  What’s your favorite spot to get a good meal in San Francisco? Q:  Which session are you most excited to attend and why? Q:  Who is the best speaker you’ve heard at RSAC? Q: Where should attendees go to do the best networking during... read more

Bradford Networks to Rollout Managed Security Services with Select Partners to Automate Security Response Process for Safe Deployment of Mobile and IoT Endpoints

Our partner, Bradford Networks featured us in their announcement of managed security services. You can read their full press release here.

December 1, 2016 – Boston, MA – Bradford Networks, a leading provider of network security solutions that provide end-to-end visibility, dynamic access control and automated threat response for endpoints, has partnered with select Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to deliver enterprise-class security controls as a managed offering that accelerates adoption of mobile and IoT endpoint devices. The managed service will include the entire functionality of the award-winning Network Sentry Security Automation and Orchestration platform to augment traditional security solutions like firewalls, IPS/IDS, and endpoint security.

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