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Digital Transformation and Real Network Automation in Action

If your organization is looking to streamline operations through automation and the use of AI/ML, then chances are you’ve heard of Mist. Other manufacturers are on board the AI/ML train too, and we’re eager to see where the technology takes us, but for now we believe Juniper’s Mist AI is leading the pack in its application of AI.

The benefits of automation are myriad, but we distill to three business key goals here.

1) Streamlined Operations

From an operational standpoint, automation offloads tedious tasks from network admin teams, freeing them up for more strategic tasks – the kind of things that help organizations through this era of digital transformation. Devising ways to capitalize on technology for meaningful bottom line benefit takes creativity, strategic thinking, and time. Automating operational tasks frees up your IT teams, relieving them from constant fire-fighting mode to forward-thinking and proactive.

We’ve found Mist’s AI engine is well on its way to bubbling up network issues to the handful of things that truly require human intervention, reducing management overhead by more than 90% in most organizations. Need to fix a missing VLAN or RMA failed hardware? Mist’s AI engine can auto remediate a myriad of operational tasks and alert admins to early indications of problems.

2) Quality Connectivity & Exceptional User Experience

With everything hyper-connected these days, reliable network connectivity is a must. Many of the enterprise clients we work with lose tens of thousands to millions of dollars for every hour of unplanned downtime. Add to that the end-user demand for ubiquitous Wi-Fi that’s fast and easy, and our entire edge network is now considered a critical business service.

What we’ve seen from Mist’s AI engine here is reliable analysis of trends and events, within the context of environment-specific baselines. Instead of comparing your network to other versions of normal, the AI engine understands when trending lines and spikes within an environment are expected or alarming. And the platform’s Service Level Expectation (SLE) metrics provide an at-a-glance view of issues impacting users, with correlation to root cause and affected items, allowing network admins to troubleshoot quickly and efficiently without the tedium of manual troubleshooting.

3) Scalability and Flexibility

Automation also plays a huge role in an organization’s ability to scale and flex as it evolves. Manual tasks don’t scale and introduce complexity and opportunity for errors in complex processes and systems.

Mist’s application of scalability support comes in the form of a cloud-native, microservice-based platform that’s driven completely by APIs. Translated to tangible benefits, it means an organization can very quickly add infrastructure on a scalable cloud architecture and manage that system with little to no downtime – a contrast to clunky traditional upgrades. Additionally, every feature of the platform can be interacted with through APIs to both view and configure, making it easy to integrate to systems and automate everything related to a migration or adding new sites.

We believe the digital transformation trend will continue as organizations seek to leverage technology in new and innovative ways. There’s no doubt that automation will play a huge role in ensuring organizations can scale services and operations with higher reliability and security. 

If you’re interested in a Mist demo or POC you can request one online, or read “So You Wanna Try Mist? Here’s how” for more details.

Carolina Advanced Digital is a Juniper and Mist partner, and fully certified for Mist Wi-Fi and Location Services deployment. We’ve been designing and securing enterprise Wi-Fi since 1997.